Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mountain Lion spotted in downtown Colorado Springs

I was just passed this note from the CC campus. Apparently a mountain lion is prowling nearby:

Just want to inform everyone on campus that there has been a mountain lion sighting in Monument Valley Park. There have been signs posted throughout the park stating this. Please be sure to monitor your children and pets in or near the park. Safety tips while in the park. 1. Travel in groups and stay close together. 2. If a mountain lion is spotted, bunch up and do whatever you can to appear as large as possible. 3. If attacked by a lion, fight back as fiercely as possible. 4. Call CSPD or the Wildlife Division to report the sighting.

Ron Smith
Chief of Security

This is the time of year when juvenile lions strike out for new territory, and they don't always end up in the best places. They also don't have as much sense, so be careful.


Teleken said...

Must be some hippy lion looking for granola at CC.
The CC mascot is a tiger and since there are none here a lion will have to sub.

Benjamin Braddock said...

I saw a pair of cougars prowling the campus one Friday night a few weeks back. They then headed downtown.

Zen said...

Where's my AR-15?

Dave Philipps said...

Gotta be careful Bejamin, those cougars could snag a guy like you and drag him back to their lair.

Dena Rosenberry said...

where they'd ply you with Chardonnay

Anonymous said...

funny this a security alert i got from my former college yesterday. all i have to be afraid of are mountain lions? psh.

check it out.