Friday, September 14, 2007

If you haven't been out to Bear Creek park recently - or stopped by the Medicine Wheel site - it's worth noting that 2,000 feet of the new singletrack trail is complete. Eventually, it'll be about 2 miles long and connect with Section 16, Palmer Trail and the trails in Cheyenne Canon.

The biking group is working with El Paso County Parks on the project. More than a dozen people have volunteered to work on the trail so far, and a handful of companies and organizations are donating money to complete it. If your company donates to community projects, maybe you can sweet talk 'em into donating.

Bear Creek is on the city's southwest side, south of Highway 24. The trail is west of 21st Street and south of the dog park.

You can see a zoom view of the finished trail design here. There's a copy you can print out and a map that shows the sections of trail that are done and those that still need work.

Dave Dessel of TrailArts here in the Springs is credited with the design and layout. A slew of people from Medicine Wheel and El Paso County Parks actually plotted the trail on site.

Speaking of work: You can help complete the track by volunteering a few hours. Check the Medicine Wheel Web site for notices (we'll post 'em here, too, when possible), and sign up to get updates.


Teleken said...

Thank you Medicine Wheel and all the volunteers for making this happen.

UltraRob said...

I posted several pictures of the Bear Creek singletrack work when I helped out the end of July. It's a great addition to our local trail system.

Jim said...

Dave, thanks for the article. We're now up to over a mile and half completed.