Monday, September 10, 2007

Help look for Steve Fossett

From the AP: The search for missing aviator Steve Fossett has gone public, at least for people with access to a computer. It's been a week and still no sign of famed millionaire adventurer Steve Fossett.
Rescue crews stumbled upon more false leads Sunday. They found the wreckage of a plane, but it wasn't Fossett's. So far they've discovered two old wreckage sites southeast of the private ranch where Fossett was staying before he disappeared. He took off last Monday for what was supposed to be
a three hour tour.
The search in Nevada covers about 17,000 square miles, an area twice the size of New Jersey. Now you can get in on the search for the missing aviator. Satellite images of the search area in western Nevada are now available on line, courtesy of Longmont, Colorado-based DigitalGlobe.
An aviation Web site provides links to review fresh satellite images and instructions on how to look for Fossett's plane or any image that might resemble a small aircraft.
Viewers can then check off a box indicating whether there is anything of interest in the satellite images they view.
Tips deemed reliable by a team of specialists will be passed on to authorities.
Join the search here.

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Anonymous said...

Would this happen if he wasn't rich? Would they do this for you?