Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Get your Acord Fix

Out There reporter Deb Acord is now writing occasional columns for the Rocky Mountain News.
This week it's a treatice on the "Flip Flop People" -- those out of state throngs in thongs that pay a lot of the state's salaries. Read it here.

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al said...

Read the article. Nice writing. I wonder how it would have read 150 years ago when the gold rush started. There would have been people who already lived here, were acclimated and accustomed. The necessary labor would have flooded in from the east with accents, clothes and habits that would have given them away. Some of them left. Couldn't stand it. Some of them lived for years at 11,000 ft, went daily into the dark, dank mines and hammered holes in the granite they filled with dynamite. Those folks had guts. The rest who went home--probably like today, it's the best thing they could do.
Nice job, Deb.