Friday, September 21, 2007

Fourteener round-up

There's a nice story about climbing one of my favorite mountains, Pyramid Peak, in the Aspen Times today.
And another, in the Boulder Camera, about taking the back way up Torrey's Peak.
Seems like everyone is getting their last climb in.
Speaking of last chances, the venerable Old Dillon Inn, better known as the O.D.I., is closing after 35 years. This Silverthorne bar is one of few Summit County originals left, and great place for cheap drinks and Mexican food. According to the Summit Daily News, The building that houses the O.D.I .started its life in the Old Town of Dillon in the 1800sago. In 1961, when the old town was flooded to create Dillon Reservoir, then-owner of the Dillon Inn Virgil Cox moved the building to Silverthorne. It will close it's doors Sept. 29.

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Anonymous said...

I have a brother who loves taking the back way up.