Thursday, September 06, 2007

Backpackers found?

We haven't been following this to closely, but you've probably heard about the couple reported missing in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Now this:

(AP) — Air crews searching for a pair of missing backpackers have spotted two people waving in a rugged area north of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Searchers said ground crews are on their way to the area, but the terrain was difficult.

A Civil Air Patrol crew reported seeing smoke coming from a cliff and the two people nearby Thursday morning.

Searchers have been hunting for Terry and Marion Jones since they didn’t return to their Fort Collins home Sunday as planned.

Their son had dropped them off in the northern part of the park Saturday. The couple are considered experienced backpackers. Terry Jones is 56 and Marion Jones is 49.

-- I hope it's them and they're OK.

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