Friday, August 31, 2007

Where's Dave?

I'll be trekking with a llama or two until September 7, then off to run Imogene Pass September 8, then, hopefully, I'll be climbing the Wilsons September 9. Then I turn 30. That's how we roll in the 719.

NOTE: The photo at top is from the Avalanche Ranch out near Carbondale. You can stay there and you can hang out with llamas. You can even take your pet along on your vacay at the ranch.
Regarding the giant "Stop, Thief!" note: Apparently Dave used a photo of Tim and Cindie's to illustrate his travel plans. And, obviously, they didn't like it. I hope the note doesn't take up bandwidth.


zen said...

LOL - Report this website to local or national police?! Sure they've got lots of time to investigate "bandwidth theft" of a JPG. Lame.

The Internet Jesse James said...

Bandwidth stealers!!

Celebphoto Box said...