Thursday, August 23, 2007

Where the deer and the antelope play...

(National Park Service photo)
Remember that great story Dave did about the cat and deer friendship? If not, check it out.

Anyway, apparently there's a similar kind of friendship in Greeley: a young antelope (I guess, a pronghorn) that is pals with a dog.

The AP reports a "friendly young antelope" has been seen "cavorting with a dog" along a walking path.
The 3-month-old, 15-pound buck was spotted Wednesday, running and playing with a neighborhood dog named Skeeter along the Poudre River trail, a path that runs through Greeley and the nearby town of Windsor.

“It’s just the craziest thing I’ve ever seen,” said Ronda Underwood. “We were just riding along the trail and saw this antelope playing with a dog.”
She said the antelope came up to her, nuzzled its head and neck along her leg and seemed almost to beg to be petted. Larry Rogstad, a district officer for the state Division of Wildlife, was summoned for fear that the antelope would be attacked by the numerous coyotes in the area. The animal, dubbed “Poudre” by passers-by, was taken to a wildlife refuge where handlers will try to get it ready to return to its natural habitat.

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