Friday, August 17, 2007

The virtual race

For fans of the Pikes Peak Marathon and Ascent, here's who will win if everyone runs the time they predicted for themselves when they entered: (time first, then name, then home town)

2:00:00 Colling, David Russell Sand UT
2:00:00 Kercher, Kristina Marie Wauke IA
2:00:00 Ohmes, Kimberly Olathe KS
2:00:00 Riley, Heather Denver
2:05:00 Call, Hobie S Laverki UT
2:05:00 Gutierrez, Simon B Alamosa
2:08:00 Carpenter, Matt Manitou Springs
2:10:00 Ilfrey, Campbell McIntyre Boulder
2:14:28 Silvis, Jeffrey Alllen Green Mtn Falls CO
2:15:00 Booth, Christopher Craig
2:15:00 Parker, Daryn Manitou Springs

OK, now for some discussion. The four people who predict they will beat Matt Carpenter's all-time record of 2:01:06, which has stood for 14 years, are deluded. Especially the ladies from Iowa and Kansas. But look at Simon Gutierrez, who holds a few course age group records, and has won the race a few times. He's predicting coming in ahead of Carpenter by three minutes. Should be a great race, especially with cash prizes to push the competitors.

Of course, predictions are worthless. If predictions were right, I would finish the Ascent in 3 hours, in 192nd place. In fact, I hope to finish in under 2 hours, 50 minutes, which will probably put me in the top 25. Let's hope. My plan is to try to hang with the top women, who will finish in about 2:45.

Good luck to all!

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Anonymous said...

Predict Actual Runner
------- ------- --------------
2:00:00 2:57:36 Colling, David
2:00:00 4:54:01 Kercher, Kristina
2:00:00 4:21:10 Ohmes, Kimberly
2:00:00 3:22:59 Riley, Heather
2:05:00 2:15:12 Call, Hobie
2:05:00 2:24:51 Gutierrez, Simon
2:08:00 2:12:56 Carpenter, Matt
2:10:00 3:24:57 Ilfrey, Campbell
2:14:28 3:07:54 Silvis, Jeffrey
2:15:00 3:51:22 Booth, Christopher
2:15:00 2:23:20 Parker, Daryn