Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Trailhead burglars nabbed

The Gazette reported today that a ring of ID thieves who specialized in breaking into cars at trailheads has been caught.
Joshua Dickerson, 27, was arrested on an outstanding warrant and was being held at the El Paso County Criminal Justice. More arrests are expected, police said. Police said the thieves specialized in car burglaries, breaking into vehicles parked at trailheads in Colorado Springs and in motel parking lots in the south metro Denver area, Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

What a bunch of scum. I've seen way too many cars with broken windows at trailheads. And I'm not alone.

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Teleken said...

Great news, trailheads have always been risky and I am glad to hear of the arrest. Nearly every trailhead has a pile of glass on the ground as a sign of trouble.

Enjoy the tent at the jail scumbags.