Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm not above celebrity gossip

Perpetually stumbling starlet Lidsay Lohan is in outdoor-oriented rehab, including rafting and biking in Utah. People Magazine says the 21-year-old actress entered the exclusive Cirque Lodge program in Utah following her July 24 DUI arrest in Santa Monica after a car chase. Since then, she's been spotted in the Rocky Mountains on field trips from the facility. She and a group hit the road Aug. 16 for a 90-minute bike ride around Orem, Utah. The next day, Cirque took Lohan and others on an afternoon rafting trip on the Provo River, dressed in a pirate bandana, with some of her companions wearing black painted-on pirate moustaches.
While I'm a big believer in the healing and character-building power of the outdoors, I'd like to point out, if she was poor, her rehab would be sitting in jail.


Teleken said...

Jail indeed. She got off easy.

zen said...

Further proof that money is what drives the American justice system. Which is why private prisons run by public companies are becoming all the rage. There's good cash in incarceration. Or is it enslavement? Either way I wish her well.