Friday, July 27, 2007

Thomas Trail pix here

Hope this'll work. I'm trying to post from a La Quinta Inn in Albuquerque. I may have to ask my colleagues in the Springs to lend a hand.

This trail above Green Mountain Falls is fun. It's not difficult, and the lower part isn't long, but it isn't flat, either. It's the sort of trail my friends and I would have staked out as kids, playing army or jungle warriors - lots of up and down, rocks and trees, places to set up an ambush.

Take a short hike or run along the bottom stretch or set aside a few hours for the loop. Lunch in the Garden of Eden sounds great right now.

This is a good trail on a hot day - plenty of shade. And be kind to the folks who live near the trailhead and park down below in town. You're out for a hike, so what's it matter to add a few blocks?

What trails do you hike when it's hot out?


gulo said...

I was hiking this trail on 6/29. Just couple hundred yards from the "Thomas Trail, Gift from" sign I met a brown bear. He was just standing in the middle of the trail, I'm not sure if he saw me, but he was facing my direction. I just froze and stood there, in about 20 seconds the bear turned around and disappeared behind bend in trail. I stood there for another minute thinking I will continue when all of sudden bear comes right back to his spot in the middle of the trail and stays there. At that point I decided it would be wiser to turn around and forget the hike. I was pretty scared since this was my first encounter with a bear. I managed to take a picture, though only when he was leaving the first time so you can only see its back.

you can see it here

zen said...

The ONLY time I have encountered a bear on a hike was on the Catamount / Thomas Trail. Or to be more precise, on Hondo Ave. just as I came off the trail and was returning to my car.

Not all Green Mountain Falls are careful with storage of their trash, and I know of one lady who attracted many bears daily with by deliberately feeding them.

Damage done.

zen said...

CORRECTION - That was supposed to say "Not all Green Mountain Falls residents are careful..."

Now if I would only log into Google first so I could edit instead of correct.


Anonymous said...

Three oldsters took out for a hike today, Oct. 16, 2010. We were only going as far as Catamount Falls. But after hiking up Hondo road, a hike of it's own, we decided to go on across Thomas Trail. We only have minimum hiking experience. It was a challenge. But, we finished the hike. If three senior citizens can do it, you can do it.

Maybe that bear lives in that huge cave we passed.