Monday, July 02, 2007

Mountain is fireworks-ready

If you've hike the Intemann Trail above downtown Manitou in recent days, you've seen the firehose snaking along for hundreds of feet. This is a precaution to the fireworks that will be set off from Red Mountain on Wednesday, probably a little after 9.
If you've ever picked up a firehose, you know this is no little undertaking. But, it's gotta be done to protect the hills, no matter how green they look (and, boy, do they look lush and inviting this year).
Here's the hose snaking upward from the trail, where members of the Manitou Springs Volunteer Fire Dept. will be at-the-ready. Definitely a different sight for hikers, and a reminder to treat the hills with respect.

Which brings me to this:

This backpack (extreme left), papers, Post-Its, a textbook and other stuff was burned, apparently late Saturday or early Sunday where the Red Mountain Spur branches off. Totally uncool. This sort of thing easily could get out of control. I'd already filled by garbage bag with trash (picked up along Pawnee, not the hiking trail), so couldn't get all of this.

We'll walk that way this evening and pack it out if it's still there.

For shame!


zen said...

Dena - do you keep a catalog of the trash pics you take?

I can help you put together a Powerpoint that you can take to Manitou City Council or present to other local groups if you are ever interested in organizing a volunteer litter patrol, or something more formal like a Keep America Beautiful chapter in Manitou Springs.

On another note - that seems rather strange that someone would burn and abandon a backpack of post-its and papers. Might that be something the police would want to look at?

At the least I bet they could find the name of the possible perpetrator in those papers.

Heck, find me the name and/or address and I'll write them a letter. Unfortunately I do it ALL the time.

Dena Rosenberry said...

Thanks, I may take you up on that. I was thinking of approaching the enviro teacher at the middle school (the students already patrol a couple of times a year) and talking it up as a service project.

It IS weird that someone would burn the backpack. To tell the truth, I was a bit creeped out. I'll stop by and talk to the PD after work.

Too bad this is nothing new for you, eh?

Spammer said...

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zen said...

Yes too bad. Be careful too. There are biohazards out there.

Working with the schools is an excellent project. Gateway Elementary art students recently painted a "Keep Woodland Park Beautiful" mural as an art project.

Dave Philipps said...

Don't you guys think this is just a school kid burning their books after the year? Most criminals lack the where-with-all to destroy the evidence.

Teleken said...

I bet it is a stolen pack someone else burned. I used to find stolen packs when I walked my dogs by the old mill (before the houses went up)

Dena Rosenberry said...

That's kinda what I thought, especially since it's been a month since school let out.

zen said...

No I don't think its a kid's pack. I think it belonged to Julius Rosenberg or maybe Richard Hanssen. Maybe the secrets of the universe are in there. And Dick Cheney destroyed them to keep us from knowing the truth. That the ultimate answer to the universe isn't 42. It's 24. But we'll never know it now because Dena disturbed the pile. And eternity is lost forever.

What kind of kid burns their pack when school lets out? What kind of kid steals another kid's pack and burns it?