Monday, July 09, 2007

Hiker dies on 14er The body of a 53-year-old hiker, who had been reported missing by his family, was found Sunday in the area of Mt. Evans/Mt. Bierstadt, according to the Clear Creek County Sheriff's Office.
Lawrence Gang of Longmont had been on a climb up Mount Bierstadt. His family called authorities Saturday, saying he was overdue.
Chatter on suggests he was probably doing the Sawtooth Ridge, an airy Class III route connecting Mt. Evans to Mt. Bierstadt.
As one poster put it: "The ridge is completely doable by experienced climbers, in good physical condition, in good weather conditions, and using good judgment. Absent one of these four factors, risks rise significantly. This one could have been just a freak accident."

Larry Gang was a member of He is the second to die in a few months.

His last trip report on the site, in which he took a tricky alternate route up Quandry Peak, foreshadows his death. Read it here. He concludes by saying: :"I'm quite pleased with my 51 year old body and the way it handled the West Ridge and love the rush of being on the edge of danger. Hiking alone has become my habit since I am slower than most people who would take on such routes."


zen said...

It would seem that there was a backcountry skier killed on Rollins Pass, a death on Crestone Peak and another death on Bierstadt. Wow. Peace to all involved. Life is fleeting.

Anonymous said...

Modern access to info (internet and books) has allowed thousands of people to get in over their heads really quickly in the wilderness. No longer is it necessary to explore trails (to develop skills, experience & knowledge). This guy's trip report of Quandry would be hilarious if it wasn't so insane (and now tragic)...serious lack of judgment. I however was contemplating this as I walking down the incline in the dark w/o a head lamp

Anonymous said...

Larry was a friend of mine in the small hills of St. Louis before moving to the mountains of Colorado. It seems that hiking became his passion and his demise. He had a different way of doing things, and for that, he was loved and admired. I knew him as a father to my child's friends and a coach to my son. He was one of the truly most honest and genuine people in the world. While he may be at peace on the mountain, our hearts and prayers go out his wife and boys....GC

Anonymous said...

He was a truly a class act. He went out of his way to help me ... I will never forget that. I am deeply saddened. People with his kindness and integrity are few and far between! I hope I am 1/2 the person he was!

Dena Rosenberry said...

Thanks for remembering him here, and leaving your comments. All many of us know about Larry is that he was an outdoorsman who loved the mountains as we do. Peace be with you.