Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Guilt over SUV use

It's ironic that those who most want to protect the environment are actively participating in its deterioration. I, for example, drove six hours over the weekend so I could walk up a single peak. At the 2007 Teva Mountain Games in Vail, SNEWS Live chatted with environmentally conscious sport utility drivers to discover how they resolve what they call the SUV/conservationist paradox.
Listen here.


Dena Rosenberry said...

Ha! I thought of that when you and Andy were going off on paying to ride in Cheyenne Mountain State Park, but think nothing of driving across the state to ride Fruita or Moab.

Not that I'm comparing the trails, but $5 doesn't seem like much in comparison. Just sayin' (says the mini-SUV driver who really should cycle to work and bus back).

zen said...

We love our Subaru Outback Sport and get over 30mpg in mixed driving. But it can't make a lot of backcountry trailheads. Hence the 4-Runner alongside in the driveway.

Now if Subaru would put out a lifted Outback Sport with 4-wheel low as an option, they'd probably sell a gazillion of them. But the current reality is there are no true fuel efficient 4-wheelers out there.

Until there is most of us backcountry types will have an SUV or truck in the stable.