Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gregory named favorite packs by Backpacker readers

Gregory Packs was the top backpack manufacturer named by Backpacker Magazine subscribers in four out of five categories of a recent survey titled “What we know about Backpacker Subscribers’ Backpacks.”
Gregory was the top brand in four categories: ‘most comfort,’ ‘best performance,’ ‘most advanced technology’ and ‘leading brands of backpacks.’
In the last three years, the 30-year-old company won awards for its pack designs from such diverse media outlets as Backpacker Magazine, Popular Science, National Geographic Adventure, Consumers Digest and Alpinist Magazine. Responsible for many industry firsts in backpacking fit and design, the Gregory research and design team, including company founder Wayne Gregory, continues does make a pretty cool bag. The company in recent years has expanded into lightweight packs, sport-specific packs.
Personally, I'm an Osprey guy, though I do think Gregory makes a nice, and well priced pack. It's also starting to do some really light packs, which are perfect for Rocky Mountain weekends.


zen said...

I love my Gregory Wind River. It's a bit heavy, sure. But it bombproof and the cadillac of comfortable packs.

Jeffrey said...

I like my Eastsport backpack. It is also heavy. My classmates think it is cool.

Dave Philipps said...

I have an 15-year-old Lowe I'm still trying to get to fall apart so I can get a new pack. No such luck. I even walked from Denver to Mexico with it, and, except for a few mouse nibbles, it's still going strong.

Climbing Kilimanjaro said...

Gregory Palisades is my backpack of choice. Weighs 7 lbs. but fits so well and carries light.