Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Colorado Trail Race grinds on

The first racers in this multi-day, unsupported, unofficial mountain bike race on the Colorado Trail are almost through Silverton. Not far to go now to the finish in Durango. They may finish today. The rest of the pack is strung out over perhaps 100 miles. Track their progress here.

See short video interview with the current leader just outside Lake City on YouTube Here


Greg Lemond said...

Unfortunately, repeated doping scandals have left unsupported, unofficial mountain bike racings' credibility in tatters. Honestly, I'm sick of the positive testosterone tests and rampant blood doping. I hope that the Unsupported, Unofficial Mountain Bike Anti-Doping Agency cracks down on this.

Dave Philipps said...

I think the only doping these guys are doing is 12-meatball subs and Mountain Dew at the BV Subway.