Thursday, July 26, 2007

Breakfast talk: physical therapy

I'm at the U.S. open mountainboarding championships in Snowmass right now, after a great late night drive over Independence Pass. (You've gotta hand it to the inflential people in Aspen. I assume they lean on whoever mentions improving and widening the pass. That keeps the RV riffraff out.)
Anyway, most of the mountainboarders here for the competition are staying at the same hotel. And most of them went, like me to the free breakfast downstairs. And what were they talking about? Maybe this isn't surprising: injuries.

Falling on a snowboard usually doesn't hurt. You slide on snow.

Mountainboarders often say the advantage of their snowboard-like sport is that snow melts, but dirt doesn't.

True. But snow is often soft and fluffy, and even when hard, at least it lets those who fall slide with minimal rending of skin.

Not so dirt. And so these guys are pretty beat up. I see a lot of scarred knees. The competition starts this morning. People are literally here from all over the world. Should be exciting.

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