Thursday, June 07, 2007

Picket Wire out of artillery range?

There's a meeting tonight about Army plans for Pinon Canyon (and the Picket Wire Canyon dinosaur tracksite). Andy Wineke wrote about the area in the Out There section May 25.

Gaz military reporter Tom Roeder will go tonight and write a story for Friday's paper. Expect to see on the front page, if there's news. I hear the meeting involves a map. Here's a little more about the issue.

The AP has a story stating Sen. Wayne Allard says the Army doesn't need to condemn land for Pinon Canyon.

That just means people are willing to sell, not that the Army isn't moving in.

Allard said he was told the training site would not cut off Colorado 350, which
connects La Junta and Trinidad, nor would it include the town of Kim and the
Comanche National Grasslands.

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