Friday, June 08, 2007

Flora and fauna of Hogback Valley Trail

Here's a few pix to entice you out onto a trail today or this weekend.
After your initial climb up the gravel road from the 31st Street parking lot (we're talking Red Rock Canyon, here), this is the signpost you'll see on your left:

This was a few weeks ago. I'm sure it's greener today. If you go, let us know. I'll try to stop by on my way in for a fresh look.

Desert plume

Looks like paintbrush to me.

These two were just off the trail. It always pays to take your eyes off the path ahead and look around.

You don't see as many lizards here as you do hiking Southern California. I miss 'em. So I had to get a shot of this guy, doing his pushups.

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Teleken said...

This trail is one of the best in the park and now the vegitation is making it more single trackish too.