Wednesday, June 06, 2007

endangered wolverine

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is studying whether wolverines should be
classified as endangered.

Enviro groups have submitted petitions supporting the move, in past.

The agency will take public comments through Aug. 6.

The wolverine, the largest land species of the weasel family, has thick brown fur with lighter brown or blonde fur along its sides. Adults are about the same size as a medium dog, weighing 17 to 40 pounds. They have large feet for crossing snow and strong jaws so it can feed on frozen carrion and bones.

Wolverines are thought to exist primarily in the northern Rockies — Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and possibly California. They’re secretive and live in rugged and remote country.

The Colorado Division of Wildlife considered restoring wolverines along with lynx.
So far it's only working with lynx, though a DOW spokesman said nothing's off the table.

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