Friday, June 08, 2007

Drilling on the Roan

From the AP:

Federal land managers today authorized up to 1,570 new natural gas wells over the next 20 years on the Roan Plateau.

The Bureau of Land Management decision covers 73,602 acres — federal land on the top and sides of the plateau. Some wells have already been drilled on private land.

Some Coloradans, including two congressmen, have called for a moratorium on drilling on the Roan Plateau over concerns about damage to the environment and to hunting and other activities.

To read about wildlife on the plateau, read this story Dave wrote for Out There.

A second decision will be issued after a 60-day comment period on areas considered to have critical environmental concerns, or about 30 percent of the federal land. BLM officials said that decision was delayed because the areas weren’t adequately

BLM spokesman David Boyd said it would likely be six months at the earliest before any leases are offered.


zen said...

That sucks.

Teleken said...

The boom and bust cycle continues for Western Colorado.