Thursday, June 14, 2007

Don't touch that bird!

The DOW recently sent another release warning people against meddling with wildlife, especially babies that look "lost" or "abandoned"

So when I awoke to screeching just before 5 yesterday - screeching that continued all morning, my son says - I wondered what was up. I popped out to get the paper about 5:30 and there it was, a young blue jay, fluttering its fluffy wings, trying to fly. Ma and Pa jay screeching from the porch railing and the side gate.

They had a fit when they saw our cats (Black Maul, here) staring at them, inches away.
Then calmed down a bit once they realized our cats couldn't get outside.
Then there was nothing they could do and nothing we could do but wait. The babe spent the day hidden among the lavender and mint in the front garden. I hoped it would keep quiet, cuz lots of cats peruse the neighborhood.
All was quiet last night, but the screeching started again today. I hope the babe can fly soon!

The DOW's Chad Morgan said if you can easily reach a nest, you can pick up a baby bird and place it safely back inside. I think I'd do that only if there was imminent danger - the stress from an attack by a cat or dog is enough to kill a babe.
"It’s best to let nature take its course," Morgan said.


Dave Philipps said...

My dog apparently ate a baby magpie a few days ago.

Dena Rosenberry said...

Stella or Stanley?

AndyW said...

Stanley - while we were dog-sitting. He didn't actually eat it, he just mauled it a little.

Then the poor thing was sitting under the truck not moving for like two days. My wife felt sorry for it, so she brought out some water and seeds and cat food. It ignored the food, but drank a ton of water, for a bird, and perked up some.

By noon of the next day, it was gone. Flight? Fox? Feline? Your guess is as good as mine.

outdoorspro said...

Be careful with those jays if you try to help the youngin'. They might not look at it that way and are fierce defenders of their young.

I remember once trying to help a young jay in the same situation. I got smacked on the head repeatedly by the parent and chased down the block.

Dena Rosenberry said...

Yeah, they don't seem at all shy about attacking creatures much larger than themselves.

The little one isn't flying yet, but it's still alive, deftly hiding in my garden from neighborhood hunters.