Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Colin Fletcher dies

Colin Fletcher, author of "The Complete Walker" and "The Man Who Walked Through Time" and the person many consider to be the father of modern backpacking, died June 12 of natural causes at the Community Hospital of Monterrey Peninsula, Calif. He was 85.
Read the New York Times obit HERE.
Many a Baby Boomer learned backpacking philosophy from his books. I (not a Baby Boomer) read The Man Who Walked Through Time, about his traverse of the Grand Canyon, several times.
To call him the father of modern backpacking, though, it too dated. His school of backpacking, which involves a pile of equipment, is quickly giving way to the ultra-light school or "carry less, enjoy more."
Either way, he was an excellent, entertaining author and a man who loved the wilderness.
Happy trails.

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Dena Rosenberry said...

My mom read his books and I picked them up from her. His tales definitely made me want to pick up a pack and set out the door. Happy trails, Mr. Fletcher.