Thursday, June 21, 2007

The cloud finally moved

For lovers of Google Earth (and who couldn't love such an awesome and free program), it's been frustrating to see the summit of Pikes Peak covered by a cloud for well over a year. Now the cloud has moved You can finally get a clear view.
Also: a note on Barr Trail conditions. You'll hit the first snow patch not far after bottomless pit, but won't hit anything big until the last mile. People report a slushy trail has been made through the biggest snowfields. And it's melting quick.


gulo said...

also Pueblo now has high res coverage

zen said...

Did you guys know there's a company in the Springs doing this work for Google?

zen said...

Damn! Now you can see my house in Woodland Park - I was on the "dark side" of town - and they captured the image when I was sunbathing naked (I'm the brilliant white spot on the deck).

Hey what's with the purple & green distortion just NE of Pikes Peak summit and running down the ridge extending NE from the summit (in the shadows)?

Zoom in and it looks like a double exposure of a development overlaying part of the mountain. Could it be Wal-Mart's next chosen location? Perhaps another Fort Carson expansion plan?