Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bears and campsites don't mix

You've probably heard the awful news about the 11-year-old boy who was dragged from his tent and killed by a black bear over the weekend in Utah.
It's a bit drier there than here right now, but the Division of Wildlife warns we all should take precautions when visiting bear country.

And we're in bear country. (DOW photo of a bear with Tom Beck.)

"Bears are built to eat and their sense of smell is incredible," said the DOW's Mark Caddy. "They can smell food from miles away and they'll travel to find it."

Follow these tips from the DOW to preserve yourself and the bears:
++ Keep a clean site and clean up thoroughly after every meal
++ After grilling meat allow the fire to continue until the scraps and grease are burned completely off the grill.
++ When you are not eating or preparing a meal, store food inside locked vehicles, in a bear-proof container away from your camp site, or hang your food high between two trees.
++ Do not eat in your tent or keep food in your tent.
++ Store scraps and garbage in a secure container or vehicle.

If you see a bear in a campground, call the local DOW office as soon as possible.

If you come in close contact with a bear:
++ Talk to it firmly and make yourself look as large as possible.
++ Back away slowly, don't run.

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zen said...

And don't call the bear "pretty" or "cute". They hate that.