Friday, June 01, 2007

24 of riding - oh yeah!

Teams are just heading out on the trail for the 24 Hours of ERock, the Front Range's only 24-hour solo and team mountain bike race.

Anyone know someone riding or headed up there to check it out? Send any updates or photos to us to share ( I'll try to get a final results post asap - Saturday night, if poss.


UltraRob said...

I know at least one person racing and I think I know a couple others but didn't confirm recently they were still doing it. My friends finished 1st and 2nd last year in the solo class. I had planned on doing it solo this year but things haven't come together for me this year.

I plan on riding up there tomorrow and will take the camera. I had thought of going up tonight but I didn't make it.

UltraRob said...

I rode up to the 24 Hours of E-ROCK yesterday and got some pictures. I also wrote up a little about the race. That post also has a link to the pictures I took along with a link to the results.