Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What's wrong with the old VW?

SylvanSport, a company run by the same guy who makes Liquid Logic kayaks, announced that it will sell a new, pop-up, ultra-light camper specifically aimed at the climber/paddler/biker crowd. It will be unveiled at this summer's Outdoor Retailer show. Tom Reeder, SylvanSport’s chief engineer said “We were frustrated with what’s out there, in terms of carrying our gear. We’ve designed our new ‘Backpack on Wheels’ for everyone from active outdoor enthusiasts with their kayaks, mountain bikes, climbing, or triathlon gear, to young families with children, as well as avid sportsmen with gear-carrying and camping desires."
I thought Toyota already made the official dirt-bag carry-all with the Tacoma. We'll see if this new camper catches on.

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zen said...

Yea except a new Tacoma 4x4 is fast approaching an insane 30k.

Why can't someone produce a compact light bomb proof 4x4 truck these days? No heated leathers, no in dash navigation, no cruise control needed. Give me manual everything.

I'm comfortable with the size of my wang. I don't need 250 HP. Give me a gas miser of a V4. Subaru is getting 170HP out of theirs, and still getting 32MPG. Give me a cup holder, a port to plug in the MP3 and I'm happy as a dirt bag clam. Why can't someone produce this for 15k?

Answer - they can.

And in the past they have. Think Chevy Luv. Think Mazda B series. Hell, think Toyota in the 80s. I still drive my 86, but after 20 years its rusting. But as long as they have people thinking they need those heater leathers and in dash navigation, and planned obsolescense is a rule they can get away with, they won't.

Maybe one of the up and coming Chinese automakers will answer the call.