Friday, May 11, 2007

A weekend to stay low, unless you want to ski

LIVE PIKES PEAK SUMMIT SHOT: lots of snow Pikes Peak has an unusual amount of wet, slushy snow this May. With warm weather expected this weekend, that's going to make for some potentially very sloppy hiking in some spots. The best advice: stay low.
Cheyenne Canyon is pretty much clear and dry now up as high as Jone Park. However, any bikers hoping to bomb down the Jones Park downhill will probably end up pushing their bikes the first few miles.
Barr Trail is clear up a ways beyond No Name Creek, but don't expect to have dry feet if you push on to Barr Camp. Find more on current conditions here.
Shady valleys of Rampart Range may also be snowy.
The Crags is probably knee-deep.
However, this may be the best weekend of the year to go
It's also the best time of year to head down to
Picketwire Canyon in the Comanche National Grasslands: Picture a gorgeous sandstone canyon way out in the plains, with dinosaur tracks, ruins from old Hispanic farms, and (due to a VERY snowy winter) probably the best spring flower show the area's had in decades.

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Steve Bremner said...

Hi Dave,

The trail to Barr Camp is dry. I heard a report on A-Frame and it is "hikable" though not runnable. Above A-Frame it gets more difficult.