Thursday, May 17, 2007

This could be a very, very good thing

Skiing in Texas? Hell yeah, ya'll The Wall Street Journal reported today that a group of investors plan to build a ski resort near Dallas called Bear Fire. It will uses squishy, spongy astro-turf type snow called Snowflex.
See video animation of the concept here.
As most skiers have probably figured out, Texans love to ski. Texans made up 6.5% of all visits to Rocky Mountain area ski resorts last year, second only to Coloradans, according to a survey by the National Ski Areas Association, a trade group in Lakewood, Colo. Sometimes, it can seem like they make up a good deal more than 6.5%.
The group plans to open the resort in the fall of 2009.
But Snowflex parks have a tendency to built a lot of interest from the press, and nothing else. A few have been built in the UK, but one I wrote about that was slated to be built in Castle Rock or Golden never materialized. As far as I know, there are none in the United States.

For all of you who think a ski resort in Dallas might keep Texans away from Colorado, beware. The article suggested it could act as a nursery: nuturing new skiers who then head to the slopes in Colorado.

Post your favorite Texas joke below.


zen said...

Texas. That's the entire joke.

Slim said...

So you are saying that the Colorado slopes will now only have Kansas City Chief and Oakland Raider Starter jackets???

Dag nabbit.