Thursday, May 24, 2007

Snow update from Barr Camp

This is from Teresa Tayor, caretaker at Barr Camp:

An update on the snow: Since Tuesday night we have received an additional 9 inches of snow here at Barr Camp with 6 inches falling overnight. While it will melt out fast at our elevation, it is hard to say what it will do above here. With the sun and warmer temperatures, it will most likely add to the deep wet snow and make conditions a bit worse.
Who knows! Springtime in the Rockies, you gotta’ love it! It is gorgeous out there today, new snow and blue sky.


zen said...

Hey Dave... In your Gazette article "Climbers get the cold shoulder" you report that Barr Camp only received 50 inches of snow in 2006. I'm assuming that's 2005-2006? That seems awfully low - more like a 2001 -2002 total. Is that really right? How accurate is that?

I measure for the NWS and I know we had way more than that in Woodland Park last year (this year I've measured 150 inches here at 8650 feet - 5 last night).

Things can vary radically from one side of the mountain to the other in any given year, but that 50 inches at Barr Camp is hard to believe.

Dave Philipps said...


Those figures should be 50 inches for the winter of 2005/2006, according to Teresa.

zen said...

Wow. Still hard to believe. That's just over 4 feet. Unbelieveably low.

Dave Philipps said...

As I recal, last year was unseasonalbly dry here. A great ski winter in Summit County, but sunny every day in Colorado Springs

zen said...

It was dry, but it wasn't that dry in Woodland Park. We had maybe 70 inches of snow. I would definitely have though Barr Camp at 10,000+ would have seen more. Then again microclimates abound. And Tava is a fickle bitch. But we love her.

Peace brother - have a great holiday weekend.