Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Primal Quest returns in 2008

Primal Quest, the crown jewel of adventure racing, will return to an undisclosed US location in the Spring of 2008.
In 2006, Primal Quest Utah hit Moab, where360 of the world's best adventure athletes struggled through 415 miles of the most brutal and unforgiving terrain in North America. We wrote about it in Out There.
In 2007, rumor was it was heading to Argentina. Then nothing happened. Putting on one of these races takes an huge amount of organization and money, even though race directors rely primarily on volunteer labor.
This year, people were grumbling that Primal Quest, and marquee adventure races like it, were a thing of the past -- too expensive to put on for a public that doesn't pay attention. Apparently not.
Registration starts July 1, 2007. For updates on Primal Quest 2008, visit http://www.ecoprimalquest.com/.

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TheGearJunkie.com has an exclusive interview with Don Mann, CEO of Primal Quest, on the 2008 race. . .