Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pikes Peak rescue reaction

I had a number of snarky e-mails in reaction to a story last week about two Air Force Academy Cadets who went to climb Pikes Peak with sneakers and jeans, even though they were warned the snow was quite deep.
Here's a typical comment:

Please tell me these two cadets were charged for the expense of a taxpayer funded rescue, off Pikes Peak, by a National Guard helicopter. I am amazed and disappointed that two of this nations "best and brightest" would ignore the warnings of someone familiar with the area. If this is the kind of common sense and leadership we can expect from them as Air Force officers-to say nothing of their survival aptitude- they should be court martialed immediately.


David CassidyDenver, Co.


Teleken said...

A story like that is bound to bring out critics. After all it was a bad decision on their part.

zen said...

And everyone is a critic.