Wednesday, May 09, 2007

His package stopped traffic

Check this brief version of a funny story by Chris Barge of the Rocky Mountain News

Seems Boulder climber and comedian Timmy O'Neill inadvertently left a package outside an ATM Monday, sparking a bomb scare.

Inside? A rusty old canteen he and a buddy found while climbing in Yosemite National Park.

O'Neill, who had been in town for only a week after a three-month climbing, paddling and comedy tour of Scotland, Australia and the Grand Canyon, was still trying to make sense of the experience Tuesday.

"What a strange life I live," the professional climber and stand-up comic said, searching for the right one-liner. "I've been known to turn a head or two, but my package has never stopped traffic before."

When the police tracked O'Neill down - at the public library - he said he's ride over to meet them and straighten things out. The police asked how they would recognize O'Neill.

O'Neill: 'I'm wearing jeans, a T-shirt, thongs and I've got a messenger bag. I'm pretty caffeinated, though, so watch out.'

He opened the package and sheepishly showed the canteen to police.

O'Neill: I talked to the bank manager. I apologized for causing trouble. I asked him, 'Are my user fees gonna go up?' He said 'Buddy, they just tripled.'

Known as "America's most outrageous climber," O'Neill, 37, of Boulder, has set international speed climbing records, kayaked the length of the Grand Canyon five times and scaled urban buildings without ropes.

He travels the world giving outdoor-oriented slide show comedy routines.

Recently, O'Neill founded Paradox Sports (www.para, a nonprofit that tries to get disabled people involved in outdoor recreation.

• To learn more and watch him star as "Captain Underpants," left, in a video promoting Patagonia's Common Threads Garment Recycling Program, go to www.timmy


cedric the mountain climber said...

An outdoor-oriented slide show comedy routine? Look out Carot Top!

cedric the mountain climber said...

What's the deal with freeze dried backpacking food? Its dry, but its not frozen.
And could this stuff taste any worse? Beef Stroganoff?! Isn't that getting a little loose with the language? And the guy next to me, he likes it! He can't get enough of it! I'm looking for a dog to slip it to, this guy's looking for thirds!

Dena Rosenberry said...

Hey, Cedric, are you here all week?

cedric the mountain climber said...

A heckler?!
Scoop, I don't come to your job and knock the fedora off your head.

So, anyone here from Nepal?