Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blooming along our trails

Out There friend Rhonda Van Pelt, a local photographer, sent in these photos from a recent walk through Ute Valley Park (well, the Pasque flowers are from a late April walk along the Section 16 Trail). It's a glorious time to walk and ride local trails. Flowers are wildlife are abundant.

I'll post not-nearly-so-pretty pix from a recent walk along the Hogback Valley Trail in Red Rock Canyon. Such a lovely contrast these days between the red fins and greenery.

Send your snaps to me and I'll post them with your trip tales (

I spent most of Memorial weekend inside an ice rink (curling tourney), so I'm ready to get out amongst it this weekend. All trip ideas are welcome!

All right, flower fans, is this a sky pilot? When I get a chance I'll scour a few more flower books. That's the closest match I've found so far. Melissa Walker writes that this is a blue penstamon (I considered that, too.) Great to know!
Lovely look at pine cones, don't you think?
Bold paintbrush and daisies (looks kinda like chinchweed in the photo

Pretty pasque flowers
Western dayflower? Pine spiderwort?

A wild rose of some sort? I'll keep looking. Melissa says this a Boulder Raspberry, which is in the rose family.

Melissa adds that North Cheyenne Canon Park is a riot of blooms, too. I may have to check that out in the next day or so!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Dena, Enjoyed your wildflower photos you posted on your blog. - You're right - all the April and May showers have made for beautiful flowers! Your first photo is a blue penstamon and is in the Figwort
(Scrophulariaceae) Family. The blue spiderwort is in the Spiderwort
(Commelinaceae) Family. And your last photo is named Boulder Raspberry and is in the Rose (Rosacae) Family. North Cheyenne CaƱon Park also has incredible wildflowers right now. Take the 3-mile drive (or hike) up
from Starsmore Discovery Center to Helen Hunt Falls.

-Melissa Walker

AndyW said...

I did the Incline yesterday for the first time in a few weeks and I was stunned. The lower section next to the Barr Trail parking lot and the Barr Trail itself was so lush, I felt like I was in someone's botanic gardens. It's turning into a jungle out there, albeit a very pretty one.

Rhonda said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the photos, Melissa, and thanks for the IDs.

UltraRob said...

I rode the Santa Fe Trail up to check out the 24 Hours of E-ROCK yesterday and took several pictures of flowers along the trail.