Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Best Place to Live

Outside mag is accepting nominations for the best towns to live in if you're into the outdoors.
Sure, you could say, "Don't tell people it's great here - there's enough people already!" You could also say, "Shout it from the hilltops, that way more outdoors-minded people will move here - and vote here, and conserve here, and such."

If you want to participate, e-mail a description of your top town to

If you want to lobby for/against people nominating the Springs or Woodland Park or anyplace in Colorado, comment below.


zen said...

Woodland Park is one of the best undiscovered mountain towns anywhere in the Rocky Mountains.

8500 feet, 7000 people, and a cap on residential water taps. Twenty minutes from the city, but a million miles away in look and feel.

And compared to the competition - Estes, Golden, Evergreen, Nederland - real estate is a huge bargain.

Why do I announce this to the world? Cause I own a house, and its good for my property values.

HA! :0)

What a selfish ass am I.

Boxcar Tony said...

Colorado Springs has some of the best places for us bums to bathe west of the Mississippi. Who better to comment on living 'Outside.'

Uncle Wilbur. The new fountain at ATB Park. Just add soap. Wait, who needs soap?

outdoorspro said...

Please, don't let them mention Bend, Oregon again.

Rents are already way overblown and i'm sick and tired of the Cal-yuppies in their studded-tire SUVs.

Bend sucks! Stay away!

AndyW said...

I really like the area around Bend, and Bend itself has a nice old downtown district and probably more cool stuff than a town that size deserves, but the rest of the town is stripmalls. Ugh.

Some friends and I used to take an annual Fourth of July trip to Sunriver, which is this weird, Stepford vacation community just outside of Bend. It was fun, but there were some pretty phenomenal amounts of alcohol involved.

Teleken said...

You could nominate Colorado Springs if you limit it to West of Academy Blvd. I would have said Circle, but that would cut out Palmer Park.