Thursday, April 26, 2007

Where are we?

Where, indeed.
Noses to the grindstones (owww!), baby, noses to the grindstones. I've been on a conference call talking to news people across the country about news on the Web. Whoo-hoo! Dave and Andy are slaving at their desks cuz soon they'll be off on assignment.

Dave's heading out to hang with the FROGs, a local group that's into adventure racing (Front Range Outdoor Groupies).

Andy's headed to A-Basin for ski mountaineering.

Look for Dave's story in next Friday's OT section. We'll ask Andy to post info about ski mountaineering on the blog - for now. Pix to come.

Me? I'll be here, trying to keep us on course.
(Photo of Geoff Doerr at Mt. Ellis, near Bozeman, Mont., by Matt Schultze. They're Life-Link staffers.)

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Kuku said...

Out There blog declines
No time for love, Dr. Jones;
We're all stuck In Here