Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The three mile high club

Someone had to pose the question. On, there's a thread going right now on whether anyone has ever had sex on a fourteener summit. A few said once. A few more said they know people who've done it on several. One guy said "I had sex on a fourteener once... but I was by myself."
It's a problematic hobby. It's usually way too cold on summits, even in summer, to want to drop trou. There isn't a lot of privacy. And those rocks, sure they're probably not considerably less comfortable than the mile high club's cramped airplane bathrooms, but not exactly the honeymoon suite. Then there's the marmots, those kinky little rodents.


kuku said...

Bitter, shriv'ling cold
Really makes me wonder why
They call this "Longs Peak."

Anonymous said...

Done it on Mt. Blanca. We were the first ones on top that morning, and finished just in time before a group of teenagers summitted.*

* all puns intended.

zen said...

What mountain is that in the pic?

zen said...

Nevermind - its Pyramid Peak.

Beautiful image.

Diana DeGette said...

"I'm not familiar with the club, but I'll take a look if you send me the paperwork."