Monday, April 30, 2007

Ski TV

This sounds sorta cool, but there could be a dark side, like having to listen to more Glen Plake:
DENVER (AP) — The founder of The Tennis Channel plans to launchThe Ski Channel early next year, with original programming delivered on demand.
The channel would run mountain programming, including rock climbing and backpacking, segments on equipment, travel tips and news, Bellamy said.
It also would provide a platform for viewers to send in videos of themselves.
“It’s the perfect storm of technology right now with Handy cams,people understanding how to upload, the broadband. It’s all happening at the same time,” Bellamy said.
Bellamy thought up the idea for The Ski Channel before launching The Tennis Channel, established in 2003. At the time, tennis was an easier sell as a standard television channel where fans could watch live events at set times. The Ski Channel works better with video on demand, he said. “
Snowboarding — you don’t need to see that live. If you’rewatching the 20 best aerials in the world, and it’s only on at 8 on one night, that would suck. But it would make the best VOD channel ever.”
Bellamy said he wants to target families seeking mountain vacations since other Web sites and channels exist for Gen X viewers, though there still will be programming for them on The Ski Channel. He did not disclose his company’s financial details.

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