Friday, April 20, 2007

Ski patrol: they have what it takes, and they're taking it off

I had a story today in Out There about what it takes to be a ski patroller, focusing on the folks up at Breckenridge and their annual spring try-outs. Read it to the end. It has a funny line at the closer.
Also, Breck ski patrol recently put out a calendar of the women of ski patrol. It's one of those "scantily clad regular folks show a little ski for charity" gigs. But ski patrol folks look a little better than most regular folks.

Here's a story on it. Money goes to a number of causes including avalanche safety education.

Buy the $15 calendar at


zen said...

Yipes! I'll ski to that.

And I don't ski.

Warren Miller said...

I wouldn't mind going 'out of bounds' with her.