Friday, April 20, 2007

Holy Smokes! The Dead Kennedys! Whoops, maybe not

I almost spit out my coffee when I read that part of the festivities for this last hoorah spring ski weekend was a free mid-mountain concert at Vail by legendary punk rockers, The Dead Kennedys. I was ready to pull out my black, torn Chuck Taloys and head over. Then I read more closely. It was the DeadKennys. Not as cool. At all.
This is the big weekend though. After Sunday, only Silverton, A Basin, Echo Mountain and Loveland will remain open. If you want to get your ski on, now's the time.
For a rundown of events, visit

For me it was a great year. I got a little frost nip, but I also learned to ski black diamond bumps on my telemark skis. I almost broke my thumb, but I also skied over-the-knees powder that was so lusciously light I giggled the whole way down.
And I ended the season, as I usually do, wishing I had gotten out a little more than I actually did. That's a good sign.
Drop a note below about your best ski day of the year. And your favorite Dead Kennedys song.


AndyW said...

We had a sweet powder day at Ajax back in January. Even though it was high season, we skied fresh lines all day long. Took my quads a week to recover. Totally worth it.
Like Ajax, I stick with the classics: California Uber Alles. California Oooooober Alles.

zen said...

That would be Chickenshit Conformist. Honorable mention to Holiday in Cambodia, and Too Drunk to F**k.

The DKs rock.

Dave Philipps said...

No love for their cover of Take this Job and shove it?