Monday, April 09, 2007

He swam the freakin' Amazon!

Martin Strel, a long-distance swimmer who has already swam the Danube, Mississippi and Yangtze, broke a record yesterday when he reached the mouth of the Amazon River after swimming 3,272 miles in 66 days.
He had to swim alongside alligators and piranhas. The big problem though, he said, was the tidal bore near the mouth that often washed him backwards. He also suffered from diarrhea, nausea and delirium toward the end. He is now in the care of a doctor. Reed the full story at
Interesting side note: his support crew found this sloth a few days ago, tied to a pool table in a seedy Amazonian bar. They bought it for $5 and are nursing it back to health.


pine_marten_hunter said...

That thing looks like some sort of mutant pine marten.

MENBAH! said...

Sloth love Chunk!

Dave Philipps said...

Have you noticed the man and the sloth look surprisingly similar?