Monday, April 09, 2007

Angel of Shavano is open for ski business

The ski season is ending. But the backcountry snowfield ski season is just starting. One of the most popular destinations for spring skiing is the cherub-shaped Angel of Shavano snowfield on Mt. Shavano. This century has seen several bad years where the angel has never really formed up. Not this year.
A couple folks skied it this weekend and reported: (read more at
On our descent we skied continuously from the top of the head all the way to 10,500'. The snow in the Angel was firm in the morning and was good for cramponing. We ditched the skis from our packs at the top of the head and continued to the summit on patchy snow. We got back to our skis just as it was starting to soften and were able to make good turns all the way down. In the steeper section of the body the snow was in great shape and provided the days best turns. We skied the trees to 10,500' and took of skis to hike back down through patchy snow.

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