Monday, March 19, 2007

Weekend trail update

Hey, all. Hiked parts of the Intemann Trail, Red Rock Canyon and Cheyenne Mountain State Park (photo is from the Sundance Trail there - it'll be our Happy Trail in this week's Out There section of The Gazette) over the weekend. Seems the trails are in good shape. See the posts from Friday about Barr Trail and more.

Here's an update on Waldo Canyon from Biz Ed Joanna Bean:

Waldo Canyon is mostly dry throughout, except a few patches of snow and a muddy stretch on the far side of the loop. Saturday offered one of those classic March-in-Colorado choices: ski or hike? With so much stuff to do in town, I chose hiking, and a trail close to home at that.

The parking lot was packed around 2 p.m, but, as is usually the case with Waldo, most of the hikers were going only as far as the loop. I had that part of the trail mostly to myself. It still seems a little strange to have so much sunlight so late in the afternoon in mid-March. This moved-up switch to daylight-saving time will take some getting used to.

See Zen's comment on the Friday trail posting for news of the Mount Esther trail.


Biker Betty said...

I drove past the Waldo parking lot today on my motorcycle. There were quite a few cars there at 11am.

My family and I always go beyond the loop. It is much harder, but the views are stunning.

zen said...

Hiked Rainbow Gulch to Rampart Reservoir on Sunday 3-18. Rampart Range road was snow free. The trail / service road through down Rainbow Gulch was hardpacked snow and/or some mud. Overall not too bad.

But sadly there was tons of TRASH. We filled two Safeway bags with bait containers, beer bttles & cans, and fast food trash without even trying. Absolutely no reason for this.

There was also tons of dog crap on the trail. It seems few owners care to move it off trail up there.

Still several FEET of snow off the trail / road bed though. It cost us one dog frisbee. :0(

Note on the litter - does anyone else reading this ever bring along a bag and pick up trash on the trail? On the way in I tossed bottles and cans in the middle of the trail for easy pickup on the way out & to see if anyone else would pick them up. At least 15 people walked by us as we headed in. But not one picked up any of the bottles & cans I had placed.