Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Google earth updates Cheyenne Canyon/Mt. Rosa

Let it snow! Google Earth has recently added updated satelite images of a swath of land from Almagre Mountain on the north to Beaver Creek Wilderness Study Area on the south. It appears the photos are from this winter, because the area is full of snow in northern shadows.
Now if Google Earth would just reshoot Pikes Peak, so the summit isn't covered by a cloud.


Anonymous said...

Would you post a link to the .kml file that shows Mt. Rosa and the new view? I can't find it in my Google earth. Thanks!

gulo said...

those have been there for months, just as the whole colorado springs was updated with imagery from may/june of 2006.

It would be nice to update Pikes Peak for sure though and also cover the rest of colorado with high res images. Many US states now have 100% coverage (including recently added utah and wyoming) why not colorado?

MENBAH! said...

The cloud is necessary to maintain the mystique. Scientists still don't know what's on top of Pikes Peak, you know. My guess is that it's made of fudge.