Thursday, March 01, 2007

Clothing optional

Mount Everest has become the place to show support for a cause, champion disabililties, or in other ways become the "first." Now, a Dutchman named Wim Hof is planning his own first this spring, when he climbs the world's highest peak dressed only in shorts. Yes, shorts (along with Everest boots, a hat, gloves and a backpack). Hof has made a name for himself for his cold-weather antics - in January, he ran a half marathon above the polar circle in Finland, barefoot and wearing only shorts. The Everest climb will be led by another Dutchman, Werner de Jong, who says that even if Hof "only" gets to 7,900 meters (25,918 feet) it will be a success. Read more at

(Above, Wim, who says he has trained his body and skin to withstand temperatures that might kill mere mortals)

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