Thursday, February 15, 2007

When 2 inches equals a foot

I didn't go to work today. I went to Breckenridge instead (which sometimes is going to work, but not this time.) The mountain has recieved 2 inches of snow in the last 24 hours. I was expecting good, but not great snow. How wrong I was. I decided to go all the way to the top of the mountain on the T bar. There was no line. The wind was howling so much on the way up that I often couldn't see the T bar in front of me. By the time I got to the top, I was expecting horrible storm-scowered hardpack. And that's what it was on top. But just over the lip lay deep, deep untracked powder that had been stashed in the bowl by the wind. It was heaven. I didn't cross another ski track in the entire 1,000-foot run. By the time I got back up to the top to hit the freshies again, the wind had filled in my previous tracks. It was the same way all day. And it will probably be the same way Friday. If you can disappear for a while, get thee to the T Bar.

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