Friday, February 16, 2007

Is Dave full of it.

After today's story about Utah vs. Colorado skiing (I said basically that Utah is snowier, but both are nice) skiing, I got this email. Anyone else who has skied both have a take?

Hi Dave,

What a timely article. My wife and I just returned from a ski trip to Utah. I have to tell you, the reason we go there is that there is no comparison. Colorado's ski freeways, with the over-developed base areas, are resorts made to take money from people from Ohio and Texas. I can enjoy a day here, and appreciate some of the discounts the resorts offer locals in the pre-season, but the challenge of the actual skiing is very limited in Summit County.
In your sidebar you declare Colorado harder based on the number of black runs. First, I'll point out that there is no objective standard. To that end, I've skied double-diamonds at Vail that would be blue runs at Snowbird or Alta. At least you admit later in your article that Utah is steeper. I suppose the real difficulty in Summit County is dodging rocks in the moguls.
The availability of a variety challenges is why I make an annual trip to Jackson, Salt Lake City, or Taos. Crested Butte and Steamboat are nice if they get 70+ inches of base (and the 'Boat usually does), but they aren't a day trip.
Colorado has some enjoyable skiing. but the difference between Colorado and Utah is the difference between McDonalds and a burger I'd grill at home.



SteepDeep said...

I have a brief take.

1) You can't predict snow.
2) I-70 does suck. I-24 to US 6 sucks worse.
3) I like to drink and raise a little hell. I'm not sure I'm willing to live in SLC just to ski. I moved from COS cause those loonies pissed me off enough...and that was just small town loonies.
4) I'm sure it is cheaper, deeper and steeper, but who really wants to live in Utah?

Colorado is the whole experience. You may have to put up with some cordorouy (sp?) and maybe either a) a longer drive (Crested Butte, Steamboat) or b) designate a week for a ski vacation in your own state....but conditions can be great if you stay a while.

If you are a weekend warrior it is probably more on the suck-city side in terms of driving, but grab a cordial and celebrate the fact you aren't in Salt Lake. Well, in reality you are because Ted Haggard loves you...and I mean he really loves you.

Dave Philipps said...

I had a fairly profound weekend warrior moment Saturday. I'm one of the people constantly complaining about crowds, yet I found myself staning along alone in hundreds of acres of great snow on Breck's Horseshoe Bowl on Presidents Day Weekend (which, by the way, I just learned is a non-existant holiday. The True federal holiday is Washington's Birthday.) My wife and I skied top to bottom without seeing a soul and the snow was glorious.

Mike Jones said...

steepdeep is full of it.

Ted Haggard only loves massages and crystal meth.

FocusonTheSkiing said...

No doubt - there is incredible skiing at Alta/Snowbird, but the base area at both remind you of Arapahoe Basin/Loveland.
Park City as a town seems comparable to Breckenridge. If you want to feel like a ski vacation then that's the place to stay. Only problem is that if you go all the way to Utah for skiing, you gotta go to Alta/Snowbird - and to get there from Park City, you got kind of a far drive back through SLC.

Salt Lake City is a lot like Colorado Springs - generally a great outdoor town that gets an overshadowed bad rep because of the bible thumpers.