Friday, February 16, 2007

Cheyenne State Park a money pit?

I'm following up now on this story the Denver Post carried yesterday. It's nice to see someone questioning why the state wants to build so many buildings in a place that's supposed to be a park.

State parks denied funds from lottery
By Jeremy P. Meyer Denver Post Staff Writer
The Colorado State Parks Division will not receive $8.5 million in lottery funds until officials clear up accounting issues and explain why they want to build luxury cabins in a new park.
Great Outdoors Colorado has not released 2007 money to the parks because board members are concerned about the lack of information on how the lottery money is being spent. Board members are particularly concerned about the newly opened Cheyenne Mountain State Park in south Colorado Springs.
"How can you give someone new money if they can't account for how they are spending it?" said GOCO's executive director John Swartout. "The door to the park isn't even open yet, and they want to build the Taj Mahal."

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blue goose said...

Its about time this situation got someone's attention. What a waste of money.

Anonymous said...

I'm blacklisting that place myself....

They claim to finally be open on the weekends (when there aren't any workers there). But, I've been down there twice on weekdends. Once it was still closed.

The 2nd time, they were taking fees! And, enforcing their stupid no dog rule. Something that's not finished shouldn't be taking entrance fees.

And, I agree that the amount of development they're attempting to do is way extreme anyways!