Thursday, February 22, 2007

Capri pants for men?

There's a funny thread on today about whether men should wear capri pants.
It begins: While hiking in Switzerland last fall, I noticed a lot of European men in Capri pants ... Recently, in a climbing gym, I noticed some men wearing Capri pants ... And downtown Boulder yesterday, I saw a man in Capri pants. Perhaps I'm out of style, but I could never see myself wearing Capri pants. I just don't see the point (if it's cold, wear pants; if it's warm, wear shorts; if you can't decide, wear zip-offs) ... and I can't get over the fact that Capri pants were originally made for women, and have been for some time (until recently). Does anyone here wear these things? And, if so, please enlighten me on the function and/or fashion advantages. Perhaps I'm missing something.
The question drew considerable response, most agreeing that capris were for sissy metrosexuals. But wait a minute. Call them capris, or shants, or culottes... this half pants used to be de rigeur for mountaineers. They were called knickers back then. They were made of wool. And if you called a guy like Edmund Hillary or Robert Ormes a sissy for wearing them, you might get a hob-nail boot to the skull.


Dena Rosenberry said...

Dave, we just talked about this. If I'd gotten a clear shot of the guy I'd include it. He was 20something and at the Carnivale parade in Manitou on Saturday. Wearing capris, not knickers. No lose fit here. Tight. Denim. To the knee. With Vans and no socks. And a cap-sleeve T-shirt. He was no Edmund Hillary. Come to think of it, he might have looked in place in Nice. Or maybe Milan.

Mayor Lionel Rivera said...

I will not endorse the wearing of Capri pants.

zen said...

TIGHT denim capris with a cap sleeve tee you say. At Carnivale in Manitou you say. He might also look in place on Polk Street or in Cheesman park. Not that I'm judging.

Hobnail boots are for pansies. I can climb Everest in my sleep. No really.


Anonymous said...

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Icey Kiev said...

The were pulled upward that is why the pants look like capri. :)
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